the program for viewing and editing of OTDR traces in the format SOR

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05.04.19 have released a new version of the program is SORTraceViewer 4.0.3

Now you can open EXFO .trc files Video

Download (English): STV4.0.3-win32-en.rar freeware, 983 KB

Download (Spanish): STV4.0.3-win32-es.rar freeware, 984 KB (translate by Iván Acurio,

Download (Polish): STV4.0.3-win32-pl.rar freeware, 981 KB (translate by Krzysztof Skiba,

Download for Linux: freeware, 2.3 Mb (English, tested with Linux Mint 17.2 32 bit)

Download for Linux: freeware, 1.3 Mb (English, tested with Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit)

There are three options of the program SORTraceViewer. Detailed information can be found in table Excel (en)



Working with program

Key features SORTraceViewer:

The installation program:

  1. Unpack the archive to any folder. For Windows Vista and above: do not place the program in the system folders (C:\\Windows, C:\\Program Files etc).
  2. If desired, make SORTraceViewer the default program for trace files.
  3. If you wish, create a shortcut on the desktop.

The toolbar buttons:

Note: to remove a label with a key to select in menu "View -> Captions".

The main window of the program (the operation mode "Simple"):

Main window

Working with bidirectional traces

To translate the program in bi-directional mode:

  1. Select in the main menu "Tools" -> Mode -> "Bi-directional"
  2. Open the help menu or button to Open the main highway.
  3. To open the reverse trace, press the right mouse button on the newly opened highway in the list of traces. In the menu that appears, select "Open reverse trace". Note: you can also make a double click by the left mouse button.
  4. Based on the main parameters and reverse trace, the program will build bi-directional event table

The main window of the program (the operation mode "Bidirectional"):

The main window (bidirectional mode)

To view and edit the parameters of the trace

To display and edit the traces:

Note: to reject the changes, click the Undo button to the right of the table.

Note: you can select multiple rows in any table and copy to the clipboard the operating system (right-click -> Copy)

The settings tab:

The settings tab

The adjustment values of the loss event

To change loss on the event:

Note: to achieve the desired result, it is possible to use the function again.

Part traces with event (before and after the correction):

Changing losses in the event

Viewing and editing events

To display and modify parameters for the event:

Note: to reject the changes, click Cancel.

A panel with properties of the event:

Window view and edit the properties of the event

Total event table of the loaded traces

To create the table:

Note: the results will make sense only if all downloaded reflectogram obtained from the same cable.

Note: Installing the MS Excel on the computer is not required.

An example of the summary table of events:

The sample table

The creation of the report of the trace

To print the report about the trace:

Note: To save the trace in PDF, install on a computer Bullzip PDF Printer (freeware).

To create a report about the trace in MS Excel (.xlsx) format:

Note: Installing the MS Excel on the computer is not required.

An example of a report:

The sample printout

An example of a report on bi-directional trace:

The sample printout

Creating a new trace

To open a new traces:

Note: You use this function at your own risk. Created reflectograms practically does not differ from the traces taken by reflectometer on real cable. However, you must realize that created traces are the result of the simulation.

Note: the free version of the program you can create traces not longer than 99 meters.

Program settings

To open the program settings:

The program settings window (tab Color, the OTDR", "Events", "Report"):

The settings tab


How to assign SORTraceViewer the default program files traces (.sor)

  1. Open any folder with files of traces (file extension .SOR).
  2. Right-click a file and select "Properties".
  3. In the opened properties window of the file at the top of the tabs ("General"), click "Change...".
  4. At the bottom of the window "choice of the program, click "Browse"and locate the executable file STV.exe program SORTraceViewer.
  5. Verify that the check box "always Use the selected program for all files of this type" is set.
  6. Click OK.

Note: do not do this if the program SORTraceViewer installed on a USB Flash drive.

Creating a shortcut on the desktop

  1. In Windows Explorer, locate the folder with the program SORTraceViewer.
  2. Right-click on the file STV.exe and click Create shortcut.
  3. Drag a new shortcut on an empty area on your desktop.

Note: do not do this if the program SORTraceViewer installed on a USB Flash drive.

How to open traces .TRC extension?

  1. Most likely, these traces generated by OTDR company "EXFO", and open the program "OTDR Viewer".
  2. This program is distributed free of charge as part of the package "ToolBox Office".
  3. Download the software package is possible on the website of the manufacturer.

Note: it is necessary to register on the website.

Note: you can also use the built-in "Import" function.

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